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The Live Well book and workbook are used in our seminars and have an overall coverage of various topics such as how to overcome:







personal & family issues

how to understand people better

and many more

Will travel to address your group or congregation.

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 Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often Book




Sign up early  and receive a bonus gift package of artistic note cards with inspirational scripture and blank area for your personal message. All artwork created by volunteers from Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often Ministries.

For groups of ten or more, one person is free.

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Filial & Music Therapy helps children and families

 Filial & Music Therapy can help children to express their feelings and fears through the natural activity of play and music.  Over time, children may:
  • Understand their own feelings better
  • Become able to express their feelings more appropriately
  • Be more able to tell parents what they need, what is worrying them
  • Become more confident and skilled in solving problems as well as asking for help when they need it
  • Reduce their problem behaviours
  • Feel more secure and trust their parents more
  • Have a more healthy self esteem and increase their self-confidence.
  • Create healthy outlets of expression.
 Filial & Music therapy can help parents to:
  • Understand their child’s worries and other feelings more fully
  • Learn new skills for encouraging co-operation from their children
  • Enjoy playing with their children and giving them positive attention
  • Increase their listening skills and develop open communication with their children
  • Develop self confidence as parents
  • Become more able to trust their children
  • Deal in new ways with frustrations in family life
 Filial & Music Therapy can help parents and children to form closer and happier relationships.Smile